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About Us

During the New Zealand lockdown in March 2020, many Filipinos were reaching out to us for support which made us decide to form Pinoy CARES and became an Incorporated Society in June 2020. Today, with dedicated and passionate volunteers, our group is delivering programmes and services to support the Filipino community and help Filipino migrants settle in New Zealand. 

Similar to the word “kiwi’ representing New Zealanders, Pinoy is a colloquial term meaning Filipino and C.A.R.E.S is an acronym for Culture, Arts, Religion/Recreation, Education/Events, Services/Sports; in which we base our projects, events and programmes on.

Pinoy CARES – Canterbury, Inc. is a not-for-profit Filipino community organisation that promotes, advocates and uplifts Filipino values, tradition and heritage thru these aspects.  Our programs and activities allow us to showcase our distinct culture, skills and talents as well as our hospitable nature thru the various support and information facilitation we share to the community.

We also help Filipino migrants assimilate in the society by bridging cultural gap thru social interaction, activities and services and respond to the needs of the community by actively participating and coordinating with different agencies.

"Encourage the community to develop and use their talent and skills through different programs"

Our Purpose

  • To uphold and look after the best interest and welfare of its members and to encourage the community to develop and use their talent and skills through different programs and activities that will foster unity and cooperation.

  • To create and plan activities & projects promoting Filipino culture and values;

  • To encourage members and volunteers to be pro-active members of the society and help respond and give assistance towards unforeseen events such as calamities, disasters and hardships;

  • To foster close coordination with related local agencies and other communities and groups in the development of empowered and socially responsible community;

  • To support and assist new migrants to assimilate in the new environment while keeping our own tradition and heritage

  • To uplift and uphold the Filipino heritage.

  • Committed to the promotion of the Filipino heritage

  • Assistance and awareness of the values and traditions of the Filipino culture

  • Responsive to the needs of the community and the society

  • Empowered to provide unified community services

  • Socially responsible individuals to the community.

VALUES (About)

We adhere to the following values:

The Logo

Pinoy Cares logo-01.png

The Pinoy C.A.R.E.S logo comprises of two recognisable images - one is that of the Philippine FLAG which is represented by the two stripe colours blue and red, the sun and the three stars - all signifying our proud representation of our ethnicity. The other one is the HEART that encapsulates the word “Pinoy” which symbolizes the nurturing nature and characteristics of Filipinos (Pinoys) being loving, hospitable, helpful and humble.

“Pinoy” is a colloquial term for Filipinos, which refers to the citizen of the Philippines while C.A.R.E.S acronym stands for Culture, Arts, Recreation/Religion, Education/Events and Sports/Services where we base all our programs and activities from. However it also literal means our way of looking after and providing for the needs of the Filipino community in Canterbury.

The logo is a work of love and passion created by one of Pinoy CARES directors, Paul Muñoz.

Our Whanau

2021-2022 Officers and Board of Directors

Covid team photos - plivia.png

Plivia Alaba

Covid team photos - PLACEHOLDER.png

Yell Ramos

Covid team photos - marilyn.png

Marilyn Aguilar

Covid team photos - frances.png

Frances Almonte

Covid team photos - jackie.png

Jackie Reyes

Covid team photos - vivs.png

Vivian Vergara

Covid team photos - cyril.png

Cyril Eugenio

Covid team photos - rhon.png

Rhon Sacdalan

Covid team photos - rhea.png

Rhea Sacdalan

Covid team photos - paul.png

Paul Munoz

Covid team photos - agnes.png

Agnes Abuel-Guda

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